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(when slots are open)


Instead of having you email me when commissions open, I send out a link to a form on my website. The form is fairly simple, it asks for your name and your email address, and what kind of commission you want, as you can see in the example to the left. There will be options for ordering more than one of that commission type (for example, if you want 2 portraits), as well as add-ons such as detailed backgrounds, extra characters, etc.

This form will automatically calculate how much that commission costs and provide a total.

If you have something in mind that the form doesn't offer, just get it as close as you can and then we can figure out the rest over email after your slot is secured.

Once you have selected your commission options, just select the checkbox confirming you are ready to order and you may continue to the payment. While the form looks like it only offers payment through Paypal, you can still pay through Venmo as long as you have mobile purchases enabled through the Venmo app. You can go to Settings and tap "Enable Mobile Web Purchase" or "Connect Browser" to make sure it's enabled. Then during check-out, it will ask whether you want to use Paypal or Venmo.

Unfortunately this change does mean that I will no longer be able to accept 50% down-payments anymore, and I'm very sorry about that. But most of you pay the entire total upfront anyway, so hopefully this isn't a huge issue!

If you successfully secured a slot, you should automatically receive an email confirmation from me, and you can reply to it with your character details/description.

If the form locks up on you, that means all the available slots have sold out. I will warn you, the last time slots opened they were all sold out in about 30 seconds. So when you get that email, click it right away!


Hopefully this all makes sense. Everyone who managed to secure a slot using these system so far really liked how easy it was to use, and it takes some the stress off my shoulders, which I very much appreciate.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Recently I implemented a new system for ordering commissions. The way I used to do this involved having people email me at the time that commission slots became available. Unfortunately, as the number of people who are interested in commissions has grown to several hundred and still growing, this system no longer works, as it just leaves me drowning in emails and overwhelmed with more commissions than I meant to take.

Example of the order form

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