The whole world says she shouldn't exist, but she's the only one who can save it.

Chapter 1: The Empty Map

Sylanya had spent her entire life avoiding the notice of others, hiding in her father’s bookstore and guarding a secret that could get her killed if anyone found out. When a strange storm of fire decimates her home, she finds in the rubble a magical map marking the locations of a set of nine ancient mystical artifacts known as the Fragments. Realizing that the fire storm must have been caused by one of these very Fragments, Sylanya resolves to go find the other Fragments before they fall into the wrong hands.

Accompanied by a young man who just won’t leave her alone, and a small band of soldiers, Sylanya soon finds there is a much greater danger to the world than she ever imagined.

Chapter 2: The Stray Dagger

After a heavy loss, the band continues on their quest to find the Fragments and keep them from Vagdvar and his Shadow Knights. They are shocked when they run into an oddly familiar stranger, who has a quest of her own. She is hunting for Moragh's dagger, a blade capable of actually destroying the Fragments. 

Chapter 3: The Last Fragment

At last, the band has uncovered the final Fragment. But now they must do the impossible: travel across the sea to Vagdvar's citadel and take back the Fragments he stole. But inside those dark and twisted halls, Sylanya stumbles across something that changes everything she knows about herself. 

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The Cast


The main character of the series, Sylanya has spent most of her life sheltered inside her father's bookstore. Baring a secret that could get her killed if anyone learned it, she buried herself in books. Then, quite suddenly, her father died.

Two years later, Sylanya is still adjusting to living on her own when her entire life is abruptly upended when a dangerous and bizarre firestorm strikes her hometown of Flarin. In the wreckage of her bookstore, Sylanya finds a small box, and hidden inside the box is a map that only she can use. A map that marks the locations of nine long lost artifacts known as the Fragments. Realizing that one of the Fragments, the fire fragment, may have been used to create the magical storm that destroyed her home, she decides to go on a quest to find the rest before someone much worse finds them first.


When Sylanya first meets Bremyn, she doesn't trust him at all, but he becomes very curious about her and why she's so reclusive - she doesn't even tell him her name at first, so he calls her Red. 

After a fall during the mysterious firestorm, Bremyn rescues Sylanya and is with her when she finds the map of the Fragments. Knowing that she can't go on this quest by herself, he allows her to convince him to go with her, and becomes in a sense her personal guardian and protector.


Vagdvar is the main antagonist of this story. He and Sylanya have something in common, the same dark secret that could get them killed. The only difference is that Vagdvar has embraced his secret, and has grown very powerful because of it. He is ambitious, intelligent, and a willing to do whatever is required to achieve his goals.


He is the one who has the fire orb that destroys Sylanya's home, and he has a plan to obtain the remaining Fragments by any means necessary.


Tanwil is an elf, and one of Vagdvar's most elite Shadow Knights. He is cold and calculating, but there's something else about him that few know other than Vagdvar and himself. Something that he has buried so deep inside he barely even remembers it, until he meets Sylanya.

Tanwil is on the team of Shadow Knights sent out to retrieve the map of the Fragments from Sylanya.


Genlar is another member of the elite Shadow Knight team sent after Sylanya and Darron to retrieve the map, in fact he is the leader of the team. If Tanwil is cold, Genlar is frozen. He is ruthless and sadistic, enjoys killing people. He wouldn't hesitate to burn a village to the ground, just because he's angry.


Emerrel is the leader of a group of Findor soldiers that are out on a scouting mission when they bump into Sylanya and Darron. She is also the group's healer, bandaging up everyone's various injuries. As much as she wants to return home to her family, when Sylanya tells her about the map and what it means for their world, she knows she must go with to ensure the safety of their country. 


A member of the group of Findor soldiers, Inarold is a bit of an outcast. And by a bit, I mean a lot. Inarold used to be a soldier for Galmara, Findor's rival kingdom, until he turned against them and fled to Findor. While he is allowed to go on missions, he has yet to completely earn the trust of his comrades, especially because they suspect there is more to his story that he claims. And they are not wrong in their suspicions.


Emerrel's second in command, Rilan is an elf with a bad attitude. He is the most bookish of the group, and fascinated by the lore of magic. Although he is at first fascinated by Sylanya's magical map, he quickly becomes sore when he learns that only she can use it. He often gets teased by the others for being a stick in the mud.


Felcon is another Findor soldier, and Emerrel's scout and expert archer. As an old buddy of Darron's, she vouches for him and Sylanya when they run into each other. Although she is elf, she has a very relaxed, happy-go-lucky attitude, which is extremely rare for elves, but part of why she's friends with Darron.


The warrior queen. Yolura is another member of Emerrel's scout team. A humorless and cunning woman, she is a fierce fighter with an assortment of weapons to use. 


What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention..

Naerod is also a Findor scout, but he was not original a member of Emerrel's team. He and his team were tracking a group of Galmaran soldiers when suddenly both sides were attacked by a magical force. The only survivor of the attack, Naerod later meets up with Sylanya and the rest of the group. Emerrel, who knows him, takes him in.

Naerod is a loose cannon, a drunkard who loves his battle axe, probably a little too much. In fact, the others run into Naerod at a tavern, where he picks a fight with Bremyn even though he can barely stand.


Another elite Shadow Knight, Syane is alluring and stealthy, a sharp fighter, and very agile. She is just as sadistic as Genlar, which is why she feels a special bond with him, even if he doesn't reciprocate. 

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