Because of high demand, commissions remain closed. New slots become

available around once a month, and sell out very quickly.


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As of June 30th, 2021 - due to high demand, rates have been increased


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Digital Character Portrait

$195 USD

Single Character. Digital full-color bust portrait. Simple to no background.


Detailed Background    + $75

Animal Companion       + $60

Additional Characters   + $155 each

Digital Character Half-Body

$285 USD

Single Character. Digital full-color character illustration, waist up. Simple to no background.


Detailed Background    + $95

Animal Companion       + $75

Additional Characters   + $245 each

Digital Character Full-Body

$425 USD

Single Character. Digital full-color character illustration, full body (may have feet cropped off or covered by foreground). Simple to no background.


Detailed Background    + $140

Animal Companion       + $95

Additional Characters   + $385 each

Smooch / Couple Pic

$495 USD

Two Characters. Digital full-color character illustration, waist or chest up. Simple to no background.


Detailed Background    + $105


D&D Party Illustration

$1,755* USD

Group illustrations are available on request.


*This price is just an example (7 characters, half-body), final price will vary depending on number of characters and type of illustration.

Rates are listed above.

Please allow more time for completing group illustrations.

​All secured commission slots are non-refundable.

Accepted forms of payment:

Please do not send me money directly through Paypal or Venmo.

I do not accept commissions this way, money sent this way

will be instantly returned and no slot will be secured.


Join my mailing list to get notified when commissions are open again!



How do I order a commission?

Firstly, make sure you are signed up for my mailing list! I only announce when commission slots become available through the mailing list. There are two buttons above that allow you to sign up.​ Secondly, read this page, which fully explains what happens when commission slots open and how to try to secure one. I say "try" because, well, unfortunately a lot of people are interested in commissions, and they sell out VERY quickly (I'm talking under a minute, and I wish I was exaggerating but they really do go that fast).

How often do new commission slots become available?

I try to open up new slots every 3-4 weeks, however there can sometimes be longer wait times in between openings due to other higher priority work. The mailing list I have makes it easy to know when new slots become available as I send out an announcement email a few days before commissions open up, giving those who are interested time to plan around it. Just make sure to check your spam folders for those announcements because sometimes they wind up in there! Just to clarify, I am only closed for private commissions. This does NOT apply to commercial/freelance work. If you're interested in hiring me for something commercial, such as a book cover, art print, etc., feel free to email me!

How long does it take to complete a commission?

My turnaround varies, but generally it's around 8-10 weeks. This can be shorter or longer, depending on my workload and how much high priority work I have. Certain things like trips or holidays can also cause delays. You will generally receive a sketch within 6-8 weeks from the date of purchase. This is due to the number of commissions I have on my queue, which I do in batches of 5-6 at a time. A batch takes around 3+ weeks to complete.

How can I get the commission faster than your standard turnaround?

If you need your commission completed in less than a month I do offer a rush fee, which is 35% of your total order. For example, if you purchase a half-body character commission, which is $225, the rush fee would be $78.75.

I just saw you're opening up new slots, but I ordered a commission and haven't received an update. What gives?

As I explained above, I do the commissions on my queue in batches in the order they were received. When I open up availability for new slots, that doesn't mean I forgot about or skipped over your's, it just means that I recently finished a batch of commissions that were ordered before your's, and those slots are available now to fill with new orders. Rest assured your commission is still on my queue, I just haven't reached the batch your commission is in on my queue yet.

What can I use the commission for?

These are private commissions, which means they are for private use only. You are free to share the artwork online on social media (but please tag me!) or use it in your streams. However you may not use this work for selling merchandise or for publishing (i.e. you cannot use this commission for a book cover). That falls under freelance work and is priced differently, as it requires the purchase of rights to publish/reproduce/print for sale. If you are looking to hire me for freelance work (i.e. book covers, illustrations, poster design, concept art, etc.) please email me to discuss rates.

Why don't you offer commissions through Etsy anymore?

There are a few reasons I stopped selling commissions through Etsy. The first is because it became hard to keep track of how many commission slots were left during an opening if I didn't get a notification from Etsy that there had been a sale (which happened a few times). The second is because Etsy takes a huge chunk out of my income with their exorbitant fees, far more than Paypal, and it just doesn't feel worth it to continue offering anymore.

Do you provide printing services?

No, I do not print these myself, I don't even own a printer. I do provide a printable-size file of the illustration once the commission his completed, which you may take to your printing service of choice. I also offer the option to upload the file to my Redbubble page where you can order the print directly (although very soon I will be launching my own print store here on this website, which you will be able to order prints through).

Can I pay for this commission in installments?

Unfortunately I can no longer accept installment payments for a commission. This is not because I don't want to, but because the system I have in place for ordering commissions does not allow partial payments. I'm sorry about that.

Do you take NSFW commissions?

Yes, within reason. I'm completely fine with nudity and lite erotica (ie. softcore). If you are unsure whether what you want falls under that label, feel free to email me and ask.

Do you take fanart commissions?

Yes I do!

Do you do commissions of characters outside of D&D?

Absolutely! I've done Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Starfinder, and several others. I can also do science fiction and horror characters.

Can I hire you to paint a book cover for me?

Definitely! I have different rates for freelance work like book covers. Please feel free to email me to inquire.

What are the Terms of Service for a commission? What's the process?

You can find my Terms of Service right here. This document also explains my commission process.

What sort of details do you need of my character? Do you want reference images?

I have a list of the basic details I need here. And yes, if you have any reference images, those are very helpful and I would love to see them.

Do you have a résumé?

Yes I do. It's a little bit outdated right now, I'll try to update it soon, but you can find it here.

Do you accept tips?

Yes I do. You can send tips to

Do you offer discounts on commissions?

Yes! If you join my Patreon at the $10 tier, you'll gain access to patron-exclusive openings as well as a 10% discount code you can use when ordering. If you sign up at the $25 tier that discount increases to 25%.

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