Nethergate is the story of a young woman who returns home after the unexpected death of her parents. As she prepares the home she grew up in for sale, she starts to experience strange things in the house.

While dodging the unwanted attention of her ex, she uncovers dark secrets of a mysterious incident from her childhood.


I've been interested in ghosts and ghost stories since I was a kid. In fact in elementary school I once started a ghost hunting club with a few other boys in my class. We lasted about a week. Turns out it's hard to hunt for ghosts when your school isn't haunted.

In college when I got into screenwriting I started brainstorming new ideas for stories and I knew one of them had to be a ghost story. While I enjoy watching most kinds of horror movies, the paranormal ones are always my my guilty pleasure, even the bad ones.

But I knew I didn't want to write just another generic haunted house story. I wanted there to be more to it. I wanted mystery and drama, and scares built on tension and suspense rather than jump scares (though there are a few of those).


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