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Wow! I can't believe you somehow made it to this website. You must be lost. 

Well, while you are here, why don't you have a look around? This place is sort of a central hub for all of the creative content produced by myself, Stephanie Brown.

I know you must have some questions. What is Offbeat Worlds? What are you creating? Who are you? Are you Batgirl?!

No, I am not Batgirl. I wish. Although I might still be a superhero . 😜

But for the rest of your questions, I think they can be answered by clicking on this little button.



Here you can find information on all of my stories, including synopses, how the stories came to be, character breakdowns, and art.


Illustration & Art

Here is my online portfolio. It contains mainly personal illustrations, most of which are from my stories, as well as some concept design work and sketches.

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I have a Youtube channel! Every Friday I post a new video for a vlog series called Creative Guzzle.

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I am very active on Instagram. I post a lot of artwork and bookstagram pics, which are basically staged photos of books with various props. But I like to put a little twist on it and feature my physical screenplays in my pictures. I call it "scriptstagram." It's gonna be huge some day.


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