When everyone else is dead, sticking together is how you survive

Eve had been asleep when the world died. Frozen in cryo-freeze waiting for a cure to an aggressive cancer, she suddenly awakens to a literal hell on Earth. A portal opened near the hospital she had been kept at, spilling thousands of demons into the world. 

Shortly after thawing, Eve is found by survivors and taken in. But they soon discover that her prolonged exposure to the portal to Hell has somehow altered her DNA, giving her the same abilities as the demons. But the real question is: is she still human, or is she on her way to becoming a demon herself?

Writing Progress: 2nd draft in progress

Demon Concept Art
The Cast

Eve Daines

Eve used to be a professional dancer, and a very good one too. She was popular, she was happy, she was living the life. That is, until she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. As treatment after treatment failed, Eve fell into a state of depression, pushing everyone in her life away. The only person who never left her side was her sister, Emily. When the doctors had exhausted all of their options, it was Marty (see below) who suggested cryogenic sleep until a cure could be found. And so, Eve went to sleep.

After the power ran out on her cryo unit, Eve wakes up to find herself in a nightmare: the world is dead and demons roam freely. She is quickly found and taken in by a group of survivors. As they fight to live in this Hell on Earth, Eve searches frantically for her sister, the only person she still loves.

Denton Maclaurin

Before demons invaded the world, Denton was an EMT. In fact, he was right there, working to save people's lives after a fatal explosion, when the Gate of Hell opened up. He has been surviving with the same group of people ever since.

He is the one who finds Eve shortly after she wakes up, as he's already in the hospital on a medical supply run. He rescues her and brings her back to the bunker. Because he found her, he feels responsible for her safety, and grows close to her.

Emily Daines / Lilith

Emily is Eve's older sister, and a doctor who works in the hospital where Eve was being treated. She was Eve's rock while she was dealing with her cancer, and was the one who convinced her to take a chance with cryogenics.

Lilith is the demon that possesses Emily's body after the Hell's Gate opens up. But Lilith is not just any demon; she is the queen of the demons. She's a bad bitch.

Dr. Marty Umber

Marty was Eve's doctor before the world died. By pure happenstance, he is a part of the group of survivors that take Eve in, and he is shocked to find that she not only survived the cryo-sleep, but seems to be healthier than when she went in. 

As a doctor, Marty is extremely smart, but his medical training is not very useful except for bandaging up injuring and dealing with Mallory's condition.

Luke Ottlinger

A news-cameraman, Luke was also at the site of the explosion when the Hell's Gate opened. He escaped with Denton and has been with him ever since. Even though there is no more news or even television, Luke continues to film. He claims it's for posterity, but his fellow survivors believe it is simply his way of coping with the new world they live in.

Gillian Fowler

Gillian is the mother of the survivors. She keeps everyone in check, watches after the garden, and takes care of Mallory, the little girl in their group. She is very protective of her "family", and is wary of outsiders. When Even arrives, she doesn't trust her, and that distrust only grows the more she finds out about her.


Rustin is the wild card of the survivors. His sarcastic and unpredictable, more out for helping himself survive than the group, but even so, he's a valuable member. He's good with a gun and has very sharp instincts.


The only child in the group of survivors, Mallory is only 8 years old. She's a sweet girl, very curious, but she has a weak immune system, andgets sick very often. It's because of her that Denton was in the hospital to find Eve, as he was looking for more medical for her. 


Samael is another demon, Lilith's second in command. He is extremely loyal and ruthless.

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