A loyal Samurai must learn the meaning of true honor in an Empire without it

Katsuo has been training for years to become one of the best of the Emperor’s Samurai, just like his older brother Yoshirou. But just as his life is reaching its prime, it all comes crashing down when Yoshi is killed by the very Emperor he swore to protect.

Discovering that his brother was a member of an elite group of rebels known as the Nine Stars, Katsuo suddenly finds himself amongst the people he thought was the enemy. Now he must learn how to repair his relationship with the rest of his family, and find his true honor, the honor of a good man.

Writing Progress: 1st draft complete

The Cast

Katsuo Nakagawa なかがわ かつお

Katsuo is the middle brother in the Nakagawa family, and a samurai like his older brother, who he looks up to very much. He takes his career and his honor very seriously, and rarely ever has a sense of humor, no matter how hard his brothers try to draw it out of him.


Yoshi is the oldest brother of the Nakagawa family. While to his brothers he is a samurai sworn to protect the Emperor, he secretly is a a member of an elite group of rebels called the Nine Stars, who fight against the Emperor and his flawed ideas for a perfect society.

Midori Flint

Midori is another member of the Nine Stars, and the one who got Yoshi involved with the rebellion in the first place. She and Yoshi are best friends and often work together as partners on missions. After the attack she takes in Katsuo and Tomi, and shows Katsuo was has really been going on in the Empire.

Taesung Yong 용 태성

Taesung is a Korean, also a member of the Nine Stars fighting against the Emperor. He rather arrogant and jokes around, but a good fighter. He and Midori have a complicated relationship.

Tomi Nakagawa なかがわ とみ

Tomi is the youngest brother, and the most laid back of the three. Though not a fighter, Tomi is a genius with computers. Rebellious in his own right, when Tomi finds out Yoshi's secret, he immediately wants to help the cause.

Emperor Osada

The Emperor appears to be a reputable man, swift with his actions. He devoutly believes in the idea of a perfect society, free from all poverty and crime. He will do what ever it takes to achieve his dream.

Eli Smoak

Eli is the strategic adviser to the Nine Stars. He was once a general in the Emperor's army, until he became disillusioned with the Emperor's rule and retired to a small village, where he formed the Nine Stars.

Will Powell

Known as the Prince, a name given to him by his many fangirls, Will is the tech genius with a background in espionage. He can get inside anywhere, including anyone's pants.

Sakura さくら

Sakura is the only member of the Nine Stars who prefers to go by her nickname. No one knows her real name. She uses a mechanical whip that can deliver an electrical charge.

Shijo Tanoguchi たのぐちしじょ

Also known as the Pyro, Shijo has a flame-throwing weapons that allows him to shoot fire from his hands.

Kosuke Yoo ユーコスケ / 우 코수케

Half Japanese, half Korean, Kosuke is has a big heart and a cool sword that slides through the hilt at the push of a button.

Leigh Cunningham

Though of Japanese descent, Leigh is from Scotland, and is called the Scot. He wields a bow and arrow, and always seems to "know a guy" who can help.

Hattie Schwartz

Hattie is a pilot from Germany. She flies the Sky Warrior, the Nine Star's ship. She's also a badass you don't want to cross, and is married to Leigh.

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