Prince of the sea. Heir to the throne.

 Art by Raphael Lacoste - Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

Young Prince Edward was a happy boy living in his father's castle, having epic fake duels with the head cook's daughter, Giselle. But all of that changed when the castle is attacked and his father and mother are murdered. Edward manages to escape, but to the rest of the world, he died in the attack with his family.

Now, 20 years later, Edward has been living on the high seas as the first mate on a pirate ship, pillaging and plundering with his crew of renegade misfits. That is until one night, while relaxing in a tavern, he bumps into his old childhood friend, Giselle. And she is not happy that he's not only been alive this whole time, but living as a criminal while the kingdom falls into turmoil.


Now she must convince him to give up his carefree life on the sea and take back the throne that is rightfully his.

Writing Progress: 1st draft in progress

The Cast

Edward Delacey

Edward is the protagonist of this story. When he was a young boy, he grew up in a castle, the son of just King Tristan Delacey. But all of that changed when enemies broke through the castle gates and killed the king and queen. Young Edward escaped with the help of the kitchen maid and her daughter, Giselle, but shortly after he was separated from them and vanished.

20 years later, Edward is the first mate on a pirate ship called the Mad Wolff, under Captain Flynn.

Giselle Cleary

Giselle is the daughter of a kitchen maid worked in the Delacey castle, and she was also best friends with young Edward. The two of them used to play together, sparring with wooden swords, and Giselle often bested the young prince. 

20 years after the siege on the castle, Giselle works as a barmaid at a tavern when she recognizes one the pirates she is serving: a grown-up Edward. And boy does she have some words for him.

Captain Regus Flynn

Flynn is the captain of the Mad Wolff. While he is a pirate, he is not as bloodthirsty as some of his fellow captains, only killing when necessary. He takes care of his crew and his ship. 

Flynn is known to take in orphan boys he finds on the docks, including the young prince Edward, who he found shortly after the siege. Although he never told Edward, he knew who he was the whole time. 


Another orphan taken in by Flynn, Rory is a highly skilled pirate, impressively agile, loyal, skilled with knives, and highly trusted by the crew of the Mad Wolff. However, because he is a mute, he cannot hold any high rank on the crew. Even so, he still finds his own way to communicate, through basic writing, tattoos on his body, gestures, etc. He's also much more expressive than his fellow shipmates.

When he meets Giselle, he develops a close bond with her.

Deadshot Bentley

Another pirate on Flynn's crew, Bentley is the sharpest shooter on the open waters. She may be cold and calculating, but she never misses her target.

Zachariah Delacey

Zachariah is Edward's uncle. When Tristan and his wife were killed and Edward went missing, the throne fell to him, and he has been ruling the country ever since the siege. 

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