Didn't get that promotion. Framed for a theft. Conspiring with criminals. Matt Jeklum is having a very bad day. 

 Art by Darek Zabrocki

Matt Jeklum is hoping get a promotion at his programming job for DawnTech Industries, the number one manufacturer in the world for personal Access Chips, computer implants that allow the user control over any technology coded to them. But the day he finds out he didn't get the job, is the same day his entire world gets turned upside down. 

When a coworker, a spy for a terrorist movement known as the Underground, sneaks a top secret new Chip prototype out of DawnTech in Matt's briefcase, Matt suddenly finds himself on the run from the company's security, the police, and everyone else.

Writing Progress: 1st draft complete

The Cast

Matt Jeklum

The main character, Matt was a junior software engineer for DawnTech Industries before he accidentally wound up with a piece of top secret technology - that had been stolen by The Underground. He's a nobody, someone who lives his life day-to-day, with no big plans and no one to turn to when the s**t hits the fan.

Tori Reynolds

A foul-mouthed pilot Matt hires to help him, Tori doesn't take s**t from anyone. She's tough and quick, and often abrasive, but she's an excellent pilot. She knows a lot more about the streets than Matt.

Thomas Bradley

Leader of the terrorist group known as The Underground.

Robert Heglund

CEO of DawnTech Industries, Matt's former employer.

The Fang

A deadly assassin hired by Heglund to retrieve his stolen tech, who has a surprising connection with Tori.

Blood Mary

The Fang's deadly and seductive partner.

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