A war from the future.
Fought in our present.

FBI Agent Jack Harkins thinks he might have finally found proof of alien existence; a shard from a ship that crashed on a farm in Pennsylvania, the metal not of this Earth . But before he can even get a chance to do anything about it, a second ship crashes, this time in Central Park. And it's not an alien inside, but a human woman who claims to be from the future. 

Melanie 'Rusty' Waters is taken into custody by the feds and questioned. She tells them that a massive fleet of Primeans, a division of humanity that believes they are a superior species, is coming to Earth to wipe humanity from existence. But no one will believe her story. No one except Jack.

Rusty tell Jack that she belongs to another fleet called the Nebulans, and if he helps her get out, she can send a signal to her friends for help. Because the people of Earth are going to need all the help they can get.

*Limited-run series*

Writing Progress: 1st draft feature film, converted into 1st draft pilot episode.

The Cast

Agent Jack Harkins

Jack works for the FBI, and although he is a good agent, his tendency to follow his intuition over the rules has gotten him into a lot of trouble. A fan of science fiction, Jack often takes the weird cases hoping they will lead to something interesting (they never do), and because of that a lot of his fellow agents call him Mulder. 

Jack actually sees the spaceship crash into Central Park, and is one of the first ones on the scene. When he hears the pilot Rusty's story, he is the only one who believes her. Unfortunately because of the reputation he's made for himself, no one will take him seriously. So he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Melanie "Rusty" Waters

The pilot of the ship that crashes into Central Park, Rusty tries in vain to explain to the agencies that arrest her that she is not only from space, but also from the future. She belongs to a large population of space-dwellers known as the Nebulans, and they have been engaged in a battle with their sworn enemies, the Primeans, for over a decade. 

Rusty tries to warn the skeptical Earth-dwellers that a massive fleet of Primean ships is headed to their blue planet, and they have only one goal: to wipe out all human life.

Jorzyn aka "Matt"

Jorzyn was a Primean scout sent ahead of the fleet to make sure that they could reach Earth. Unfortunately shortly after arriving, he crashed into a corn field and has been unable to return home. He has been living on Earth with humans for the past six months, going under the name of Matt.

Cpt. Ben "Reaper" Nolan

Reaper is a Falcon squad captain for the Nebulan battleship, the Antigone. He is Rusty's best friend and trained her to be a pilot. She regards him as more of a brother than her actual brother, and he looks after her.


Galentara is the leader of the Primeans. The Primeans used to be humans that had colonized a planet called Rezzal. Something in the planet's atmosphere changed them; they became stronger, faster, and insane.

Believing they are superior to normal humans (the "prime" humans), they have launched an all-out war against the Nebulans, intent on wiping them from existence. And now they have a new plan of attack: travel back in time to Earth, the birthplace of humanity, and eliminate the source (I did say they were insane).

Dereck Waters

Darryl is Rusty's older brother. He also used to be good friends with Reaper, and was one of the best pilots on the Nebulan force. But after a severe nervous breakdown, Darryl quit the Falcons and became a garbage compactor pilot. He now lives like a bum, and he hasn't talked to his sister or best friend for several years.

Agent Sharon Reeves

Reeves works for the CIA, and is in charge of the apprehension and interrogation of the "spy" that crashed into Central Park. She is very good at her job and takes shit from no one. She operates by-the-book, but she isn't afraid to push the rules as far as they'll go to get what she wants.

Myles Choi

Myles Choi is Jack's roommate and friend. They both share an strong interest in all things scifi. In fact Myles works for SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), using a huge satellite to monitor activity in space and watch for aliens. He is one of the first people in the world to see both Rusty and the Primean ships approaching Earth.

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